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  • Main Window
  • Ssa subtitles view
  • Srt subtitles view
  • Ssa output subtitles visualization (using the wordpad app)
  • Srt source subtitles visualization (using the wordpad app)
  • Srt to Ssa Converter unique window, containing all the visualization improving options

Editorial review


Sergio A. Durán Senior editor

The following review written by one of the Software Informer contributors applies to version 1.0
Nowadays, sharing and transmission of video files over the Internet are very common. However, one of the main problems associated with them is the file size, which has been partially solved through various measures.
One of the most common is the use of the video files in its original language and the addition of a separate file containing the subtitles for the desired language. Because most of the modern computer players are capable of playing video and subtitles files in a synchronized way, there are also many websites dedicated to promoting and sharing subtitling files.

However, there are subtitles files in various formats, some more complete than others, but not all are compatible with certain players. Furthermore, subtitles are often translated by volunteers or amateurs, who tend to use the format that is more accessible and easier to handle for them, so there are many Srt type files, while the more complete files with more visualization options are of the Ssa type.

This simple free program converts the Srt type subtitles files easily to the most comprehensive and complex Ssa format. Convert Srt To Ssa has a single window, very easy to understand, since it includes all you need to add any of the viewing options that this new format allows you to add to your subtitles. It has options to:

- Select font type and size.
- Select the background color.
- Determine border style, shadow, outline, and alignment.
- Apply transparency levels (Alpha).
- Select font primary, secondary and tertiary color.
- Establish the right, left and vertical subtitle margins, in pixels.
- Determine the number of characters that will be the on a line.
- Use the U.S. ANSCII set , the French charset or apply no filtering.

You only have to open the Srt file you want to convert, select the desired options and click on the Convert button. An inexperienced user may need to go through some trial and error to master it completely. The conversion process itself is very fast. For example, the Spanish subtitles for the "The world according to Monsanto" documentary (which has a duration of 1:50:57) were converted in just 15 seconds.


  • Fast.
  • Reliable.
  • Complete.


  • None.
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